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Ready Steady Read

On the 13th of July students from 7th grade class a-d gathered in the school’s library to participate in the English reading competition 2017 in our school.

Each student had to read out a section of their self chosen book first and then a paragraph from a randomly chosen book which they didn’t know anything about after. The jury - which consisted of three students from 11th grade's advanced English course (LK), multiple native speakers and some teachers - gave the participants points regarding pronunciation, intonation etc. 

In the 3rd lesson the winners were announced and the readers have been awarded. The prizes included books, pencils and movies. 

At the end of the competition everyone was allowed to stay for a bit longer and enjoy some snacks and drinks which were specially brought for this occasion.

Christop Krüger Q2 LK

English Reading Competition 2017 at the Elisabethenschule

Fantastic results and these are the winners:

first prize: Claire 7d

second prize: Cristina 7a

third prize: Nora 7c