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English Speaker Week

Da die Englandfahrt unseres 9. Jahrgangs aufgrund von Corona leider nicht stattfinden konnte, haben unsere Schülerinnen und Schüler stattdessen an dem viertägigen Projekt der English Speaker Week der Organisation Interact teilgenommen.

Lest selbst, was sie gemacht haben ...

In the week before the summer holidays all grade 9 students participated in an English project with native speakers from the organisation Interact, which our teachers had organized as we couldn’t go on our England trip due to the pandemic.

The group leaders from Interact were all very kind and funny and carried out an interesting programme with us.

For the programme we were divided into groups, which each had its own native speaker who worked with us for the week.

On Monday, we started with a warm-up game to get to know each other a little more. Then we went outside and got the chance to get to know all the native speakers and ask them questions.

The next day we did some warm-up activity again to wake us all up. We started to discuss some interesting themes like fashion to practice how to explain our opinion in English. After that we talked a little about different types of escape rooms and got the chance to organize one on our own. We all had much fun while doing it.

On Wednesday we started again with some warm-up activity and afterwards we did a speak-up about a different theme, which was very interesting, too. Next, we started with some theatre games to get a feeling for theatre and the imagination you need to play convincingly. Then we created our own scene and presented it to the class. There were even some persons who could be real actors as they were surprisingly talented!

The last day we started the same way as before. The speak-up was about another fascinating topic and we had a really exciting discussion. Then we started to work with some videos and talked about how videos go viral. Furthermore, we analyzed some climate change videos and got inspiration for our own ones before we started to work in groups to produce our own videos and then present them to the class. Afterwards we gave our group leader some feedback about the week and thanked her for the interesting program. An amazing week was over!

We liked the way they organized the week and the things we did together.

All in all, it was a great project for our grade and we all enjoyed it.