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A visit to the English Theatre Frankfurt

On 10th December the English class 7bd (second foreign language) visited the English Theatre to watch a performance of the play Huck Finn. Here is what students wrote about it:

Huckleberry Finn: Review

Overall, I really enjoyed the play Huck Finn. I found it very interesting that the actors changed the setting in the background while the play was going on. But sometimes that also happened in the foreground. I liked the setting and the music. The actor who played the slave Jim played his role very well. Especially when he played to be sad. He also had a very nice singing voice. Huck was just like I imagined: very naughty and adventurous. I liked it when he or Jim talked to the audience. I especially found the scenes funny where Huck was on stage together with Tom Sawyer. The actor who played Tom Sawyer also played two other small roles, and I thought he played Huck’s father especially well. The third role he played was one of two men that Huck and Jim met on their journey and who pretended to be the king of France. I found the play in the play of the two men to make money very funny. This scene was a very nice change from the rest of the story. The second man was played by the same actress who played Widow Douglas, a strict lady who takes care of Huck. I thought it was a bit strange at first but then I got used to it. She played both roles well. Especially the role as Widow Douglas. As the sound came from behind and from the sides, everything felt very real. Once I was very scared when suddenly a loud shot rang out. The actors spoke loudly and clearly so that I understood most of them well. I would watch the play again, although I already know it. Plus, I would recommend it to everyone.



Talea Storch, 7b