report written by class 9cd

Trip to England - year 9

Here's a report about our fantastic trip to England in May 2019. Read here about our visit to Hastings, Canterbury, London and Leeds Castle.

Year 9 – trip to England from 12th-17th May 2019

We went to England on May 12th by bus and stayed until the 18th. The bus trip took 14 hours. When we arrived in Calais we took a ferry which brought us to Dover. From Dover we went to Hastings where we were welcomed by our host parents who brought us to their homes.

On Monday morning we met at 8 o’clock and went to the Beachy Head. We walked along the cliffs with a beautiful view of the sea and the nature. We also walked along the ‚Seven Sisters’ and at the end we had free time at the beach.

On the next day we had a tour through Canterbury. Our guide told us a lot about the history. She showed us many beautiful and old places in the city. After the guided tour we went back to the bus and went to a cricket training. We started warming up with some team games and played a little cricket game after that.

On our trip to London we saw a lot of traffic at first but then some famous sights like London Eye or Big Ben. Near Westminster Abbey we saw some No-Brexit protesters which was nice to see. After a short break we walked by ‚The Mall’, the famous road in front of Buckingham Palace. At the end of the road we arrived at Trafalgar Square. There we saw a red bus with an ‚Eintracht’-logo at the front. At Picadilly Circus our class divided into small groups: Some went to Oxford Street, others to Covent Garden. Overall the day in London was great.

On the last full day we went to Leeds Castle which is in Kent and called ‚the loveliest castle in the world’. It was built on two islands in a magnificient lake. After a guided tour we enjoyed the lovely weather.

All in all, the England trip was awesome. We were at so many different places, we got to know much about history and we had nice times with our friends.

(report by class 9cd)